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"World Eats: Bread" 
Part2Pictures | NatGeo/Hulu/Disney+, 2024

The Guatemala Tortilla episode of 3x60 visually-driven documentary series exploring bread's roots across cultures. In this story, a traditionally woman-centered occupation, tortilla making  is a three-times-a-day art that carries within it both the spiritual culture and colonial history of the Mayan people.  Watch on Hulu >>

"Jelly Roll: Save Me"
ABC News Studios | Hulu 2023

Feature documentary following the recent meteoric rise of Jelly Roll, a self-made rap-to-country artist who traded his criminal records for platinum ones. 

Watch on Hulu >>

"Queen of Meth" 
Talos Films | Max/Discovery+, 2021

3x60 documentary miniseries about Lori Arnold, an small-town Iowa native who built a multi-million dollar methamphetamine empire in the 1980s, and paid the price for doing it. Not only that, she's Tom Arnold's sister. 

Watch on Max>>

Smile Til It Hurts: The Up With People Story
Storey Vision Films, 2009

Feature documentary exploring the clean-cut, smile-drenched singing phenomenon Up With People, revealing what can happen when ideology, money and groupthink converge to co-opt youthful idealism. World Premiered at Slamdance Film Festival, Directed by Lee Storey.    

Watch on Vimeo>>


"Roll Red Roll"
Sunset Park Pictures | PBS/Netflix, 2019

Multiple award-winning feature documentary revealing the boys-will-be-boys bystander attitude behind the notorious Steubenville high school sexual assault. World Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival.  Directed by Nancy Schwartzman. 

Watch on Amazon >>

"How to Dance in Ohio" 
Gidalya Pictures | HBO , 2015

Peabody Award-winning feature documentary. Verite, character-driven story of three young women on the autism spectrum working with their social skills therapy groups to prepare to attend a prom. World Premiered in competition at Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Alexandra Shiva. Watch on Max >>


Co-Producer/Story Producer
"The New Yorker Presents"
Jigsaw Productions | Amazon Studios, 2016

11x30 series with episodes containing short documentaries and scripted films adapted from the iconic New Yorker magazine. Featured above is "The Fried Chicken King of Harlem." World Premiered at Sundance Film Festival.  

Watch on Amazon >>


"Abstract: The Art of Design"

Radical Media | Netflix, 2019

Two Episodes ("Olafur Eliasson" and "Cas Holman") of the visual and graphics-forward award-winning Season 2 of 6x60 verite, character driven deep dive into the minds of the world's most innovative designers. Directed by Jason Zeldes and Chai Vasarelyi. Watch on Netflix>>

"Autism Is For Life: The Story of Jeanine Lazili"

Lucky Two Productions | HBO, 2017

Commissioned 3-minute short film for Jon Stewart's Emmy-nominated Night of Too Many Stars autism benefit, live on HBO.  

Watch on YouTube >>

"The Lepreuchaun's Wife"

Gidalya Pictures, 2016

This award-winning documentary short film is a portrait of an extraordinary woman living on the autism spectrum. Sondra Williams was misdiagnosed and institutionalized for many of her early years. Now married and a mother of 4, she is a national advocate for the rights of others on the spectrum.  Directed by Alexandra Shiva.

Watch on Vimeo >>

"Death Row Stories"
Jigsaw Productions | CNN/MAX, 2018/2019/2020

Created five episodes across 3 seasons of 8x60 interview-driven series with abstract recreations exploring the complexity of capital punishment.

Watch on Discovery+ >>

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