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"A mentor is someone whose hindsight

can become your foresight"


Applying her 20+ years of broad experience in the documentary film and television world, Bari Pearlman regularly consults to filmmakers in need of guidance on all aspects of the filmmaking process including development, fundraising, budgeting and pre-production, field production, story editing, post-production and clearances, as well as film festival strategy, distribution and beyond. Recent clients include:


  •  Bootstraps (Deia Schlosberg, director)

  •  Bedlam (Ken Rosenberg, director)

  •  Agents Unknown (Michael Reiter, director)

  •  Pot Luck (Jane Wells, director)

  •  Wandering...but not lost (Paul MacGowan, director)

  •  We Don't Want to Make You Dance (Lucy Kostelanetz, director)

  •  Maidentrip (Jillian Schlesinger, director)

  •  No Small Parts (Marilyn Agrelo, director)

  •  A Joyful Mind (Paul MacGowan, director)

  •  The New Public (Jyllian Gunther, director)

  •  F*CKED: The United States of Unemployment (Immy Humes, director)


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