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    Daughters of Wisdom

    Mah-Jongg: The Tiles That Bind

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    The Strangest Town in Alaska

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  • Daughters of Wisdom
  • Mah-Jongg: The Tiles That Bind
  • Water
  • How To Dance in Ohio
  • Ritual Objects
  • The Strangest Town in Alaska
  • Smile Til It Hurts
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btg productions was founded in 1993 by Peabody Award-winning documentary filmmaker Bari Pearlman.

As a Director, Bari has explored a diversity of seemingly unrelated subjects - the Jewish women who fanatically play a traditional Chinese game (Mah-Jongg: The Tiles That Bind), Buddhist nuns in remote Tibet (Daughters of Wisdom), the 180 residents of a peculiar Alaskan town (The Strangest Town in Alaska) - but what unifies them is their examination of the idea of community, particularly intentional community. She is continually interested in the question of what makes people choose who and what they identify with, what the implications are of their having that identity, and how they navigate that choice.

As a Producer, Bari recently collaborated with director Alexandra Shiva on Peabody Award-winning feature documentary How To Dance in Ohio about teenagers and young adults on the autism spectrum preparing to attend a prom. She was also a Story Producer/Co-Producer of the new acclaimed Amazon Video series The New Yorker Presents. She also produced Lee Storey's award-winning feature documentary Smile 'Til It Hurts: The Up With People Story about that kitschy upbeat singing group.

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